Raj Kapoor Danced To ‘Shape Of You’ Way Before It Was *Cool*

Raj Kapoor Danced To ‘Shape Of You’ Way Before It Was *Cool* June 8, 2017

In a very Indian style, I have a serious question for you, Ed Sheeran. At what muhurat did you think of The Shape Of You? Like, it hasn’t stopped doing the rounds on the internet ever since people have first heard of this catchy number. YouTube is flooded with so many versions, and everyone seems to be going bananas over it, over and over again. Here’s what they say, “this version is 10 x better than the original.” We have heard of your live collaboration in the 2017 Brit Awards, Ed. You said something like this, if I am not wrong, “I’ve got two things dropping on Friday that are pretty interesting. One that gets debuted at the Brits, which I think people will go a bit nuts for. It’s something that I think nobody is expecting. I think it’ll be decent.” Really? Did you expect anything like this?

I did NOT!

It was this video that got me writing this article. I could probably think of a few classical fusions and, at the most, a Hindi version of The Shape of You. BUT Raj Kapoor? I can’t think of anything beyond Jeena Yahan, Marna Yahan or maybe, on a lighter note, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai when it comes to Raj Kapoor. It has been proved yet again that being Indian is all about being whimsical. And Raj Kapoor dancing to The Shape Of You? It Happens Only In India!

So, guys, for all the Shape of You frenzies, here are 4 other versions!

1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (Indian Version By Live Banned)

Doesn’t the very title make you ready for some fun? Yes, it does, and the video stands up to the slapstick expectations the title promises. It’s corny, it’s smutty, but we all still love it, don’t we? This Bangalore-based parody “banned” gave exactly what their viewers wanted and increased the oomph 10 times more by including the DDLJ themed background somewhere at the end. No one saw that coming! This version left the viewers wanting to see the full version of the Indian Shape Of You. Are you liking, subscribing, and sharing this right away? I don’t think you should have second thoughts on this. Extra points for extra dirty humor!

2. Shape Of You: Carnatic Mix (Feat. Aditya Rao)

This had to be in the number one position, owing to my South Indian roots. But then, okay, this was supposed to be an unbiased ranking (or, at least, I think it is). This Carnatic version is like having a strong filter coffee on the ferry that takes you to the Statue of Liberty. There’s melody, there’s parody, and yes, we love this version too. Aditya, Mahesh, and Raghavan, the Indian Raga Trio – thumbs up for this South Indian collaboration. May you continue such jamming sessions with many more Ed Sheerans!

3. Mukti & Shakti Mohan Fusion Dance On Shape Of You Carnatic Mix By Indian Raga Feat Aditya Rao

The covers and fusions haven’t even completely sunk into my teeny weeny brain, and people are making covers and fusions of covers and fusions. Interesting. Is there anyone who hasn’t got the urge to just get up from that chair and move a leg or two when it is the Mohan sisters on the screen? It’s a visual treat to see Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan grooving to the Carnatic rapture this version is filled with. If you haven’t watched this fusion dance yet, please do yourself a favor and bask in the moves of these two dainty girls clad in skimpy ethnic clothes right away!

4. Bhangra Empire – Shape Of You Freestyle

Someone in the comments says, “when east and west meet, magic happens.” This guy saved me the effort of thinking of an apt way to put it in words EXACTLY feel about this video and, in fact, all of these Indian versions. This is neither slapstick nor is it melodious, per se. Full points just for those Bhangra beats that can make you dance even in your sleep. And yes, the dancers, we are in awe of your freestyle. It is peppy, it is casual, and we will soon give Bhangra Empire another seven lakh more views.

So, those are my top favorite versions, people. I know there are tons more, like the Biryani Anthem by Ahmed Shariff, and The Shape of You Parody by Sailaja Talkies, which are equally hilarious. You guys help me make a big fat list of the best versions of this song. Keep commenting while I am all like aiyo aiyo aiyo aiyo I am in louuu with your body, every day discovering something brand new oooo:-D

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Raj Kapoor Danced To ‘Shape Of You’ Way Before It Was *Cool*

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