10 Struggles Of Womanhood Men Won’t Understand

10 Struggles Of Womanhood Men Won’t Understand January 22, 2018

Rarely do we come across men who exactly know how daunting the task of being the ‘fairer’ sex is. It is often said that “All men and women are created equal,” but then again, men never have to worry about missed periods, unshaved legs, and a whole lot of other hassles that tag along with the responsibility of being a woman!

There have been many jokes regarding a man getting dressed for a party versus a woman dressing up – jokes that, I’m absolutely sure, were penned by men who are blissfully unaware of the horrors of hairy armpits and smudged eyeliners. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to make a list of the many hardships women suffer simply because, well, they are women!

So, if you are a man reading this, you will (hopefully) be able to decipher us better. And if you are a woman, I am sure you will have a hearty laugh at the everyday struggles of being a woman, face them anyways, and continue to dazzle.

1. Err… Eyeliner

1. Err… Eyeliner


If your BFF at the party (yes, we have different BFFs based on where we are) told you, “Oh, you are cute as a panda,” it doesn’t mean that you just drooled all over yourself. It means you just smudged your eyeliner and it is time you fix it!

Getting the eyeliner right in one stroke is a privilege reserved for stars; for people like you and I, it is nothing short of a challenge. If it is too sunny or humid outside, then you sure need more dexterity and guts to put that eyeliner. More power to you girl!

2. Missing ‘That’ Pill

2. Missing ‘That’ Pill


If you and your partner want it neat, you must pop a pill every day, unless you are thinking of a family. Most women at some or the other point in their lives have been through the sheer horror of missing that contraceptive pill, and often it so happens that we get confused as to when we ought to take iron supplements and when to take ‘that’ pill. The confusion and anxiety of this daily chore alone should warranty us therapy!

3. Brow-Job

3. Brow-Job


The brow-trend keeps changing and we women must keep pace with it. It shifted from the perfectly tweezed and thinner brows to the more realistic and bushy brows. Tweezing one’s brow can be a painful affair, but ensuring that both the brows are equal in size and shape is an art form. Unfortunately, not all of us are artists.

4. Cropped Jeans On Unshaved Legs

4. Cropped Jeans On Unshaved Legs


Men surely do not have this struggle at all for they can wear shorts, cropped jeans, and sleeveless outfits anytime they wish to. We women, on the other hand, need to make ensure that we never don those minis, shorts or cropped jeans on our need-a-wax days. If, by mistake, we do wear those cropped jeans with unshaved legs, we’re quickly branded as “unladly-like”. Ugh.

5. Getting Into A ‘Tight’ Spot

5. Getting Into A ‘Tight’ Spot


Wearing tights has never been a cakewalk for women of any body type. If a woman is skinny, tights will make her legs look like sticks, or she may end up strutting that panty line. Alternatively, if a woman is on the heavier side, then thunder thighs and tights are not the best of partners. Once or more in our lives, we have all been caught in a ‘tight’ spot because of those horrid, ill-fitting tights.

6. Oops! I Forgot To Wear The Seamless One

6. Oops! I Forgot To Wear The Seamless One


We often come across such women, and sometimes we end up being those women as well – those who forgot to team a seamless panty with figure-hugging jeans or jeggings! Peeping panty lines are unpleasant to look at and terribly embarrassing when noticed. The degree of embarrassment rises if one is heavy bottomed.

7. Bathroom Breaks Aren’t That Easy

7. Bathroom Breaks Aren’t That Easy


Men can easily take a bathroom break in public urinals. For women, however, there is a mega-round of fussing, cringing, and discomfort before we allow that bladder to empty itself. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of effort, and a whole lot of tissues before we finally subject our bottom to the throne shared by God-alone-knows-how-many predecessors.

8. Shampooing In Sync With The Party Calendar

8. Shampooing In Sync With The Party Calendar


I am sure all of us, at some point, have cursed ourselves for not shampooing before heading out to that party. Sticky or frizzy hair certainly are spoilers. Since washing your luscious locks every day may not be a healthy option, we must at least keep the shampooing in sync with our party calendar.

9. The Horror Called ‘Delayed Periods’

9. The Horror Called ‘Delayed Periods’


Finding that one’s menstrual cycle has been delayed is nothing short of a disaster. Whether any action happened or not between the sheets in the past month, the shock of not getting one’s periods on schedule is enough to bring one’s world crashing down. I am sure all of us know how relieving it is to get stomach cramps after a spell of uncertainty.

10. While Texting There Is No Gender Equality

10. While Texting There Is No Gender Equality


We often come across friends who aren’t as expressive as us, and these friends are mostly from Mars. We tend to send them a bunch of questions regarding life and their well-being, but all we receive is a simple and exasperating “I am fine” from those Martians!

While men may have their share of bloopers, they surely cannot match the ones we have daily. If you have experienced most of the struggles mentioned above, you will be able to relate to this article better and, hence, can laugh or smile at how bizarre indeed it is to be a woman. But, alas, as they say, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” – if you get my drift!

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10 Struggles Of Womanhood Men Won’t Understand

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